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One Headlight - By that Dylon guy...
Star Warstm - Cantina Music
Lake of Fire - by Nirvana
Lola - by the Kinks (that's L - O - L - A, Lola)
Unforgiven - by Metallica
Pink Panther - Remember him? (think pink)
Pressure - by Billy Joel (Excellent Midi file)
Puttin on the Ritz - Remember the 80's?
Moonlight Sonata - The best Midi I've ever heard...(85k)
Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indy was the dog!
Rock It - Herbie Hancock's 80's Groove
Santeria - by Sublime
X-Files - T.V. Themesong

I HIGHLY recommend the Beatnik audio plug-in for improving music in your browser.
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